Helping You Find

Your Inner Light...

 I know that devastating feeling when You are feeling lost and nothing brings you joy anymore... You can start changing Your life right NOW by making the first step towards healing !


The Light Tribe


 My name is Greta and I am the Founder of The Light Tribe. The Light Tribe is really to put it in the very simple words is my tribe of very cool people like yourself, with whom I had an honour to connect or work with as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher or a Life Coach. Or perhaps you stumbled upon my adventures and lectures on YouTube... Whatever the reason that You are here I would love to help you in any way that I can !

I am huge believer that everything in our lives has a purpose, meaning and nothing happens by a coincidence... My life journey is a great example of that... It has started in pretty dark places... Many years of going trough intense alleys of darkness I finally managed to find my way to the L I G H T... Going trough my own inner struggle I realised that my life purpose was to serve others in helping them find their own inner Light and overcome their struggles... 

I would love be Your Guide in Your Spiritual Awakening Journey...

Your aspiring guide & well-wisher,


The Light Tribe Studio

The Light Tribe Studio is a virtual space where our tribe's gatherings takes place.


The Light Tribe Studio along side traditional yoga & meditation classes offers a wide range of different webinars on various topics such as synchronicity, numerology, tarot, astrology, health & wellness as well as virtual meetings and other special workshops that are changing every week...

How is The Light Tribe Studio different from any other yoga studio? 

Well, other than the wide range of classes and practices that this studio is offering what makes this studio truly unique is definitely it's members...


Yes, and that is You !

I truly believe that whoever has been attracted to my energy or have stumbled upon this website it happened so not for no reason...

The Light Tribe members are not just some yoga enthusiasts but are truly the most authentic mystics that has been chosen to be part of this tribe even before they were even born...

Perhaps You have been calling Yourself a Starseed, an Indigo, Rainbow, or a Flower Child, or maybe a Witch, a Wiccan, Psychic, Intuitive or simply a Warrior of Peace...




Greta is one of the finest and such fun teachers that I have ever had a pleasure to take a class from! She is engaging and taking care of everyone in empathetic and fun way, she is so great at her craft! I get so excited every time taking the class from her! My fav vote is always for her!!! Thank you for being an awesome teacher!!

- Neha, India

The information that Greta handles is incredible, the certainty with the cards, tips, training, etc... she is capable to make an analysis about what you need, she have given to me an amazing experience. What I really loved was the information that I recieved from the archangel Michael, I felt a big connection...

-Albert Loya, USA

Greta is a wonderful spiritual teacher who connects with you and your issues and works at the core to resolve them henceforth bringing you peace. Highly recommended for spiritual specialties.

- Abhishek Nandy, India

I have been working with Greta for several years now, and I would be proud to say that I’m glad to ever have had the opportunity to know her. Greta has been guiding me through my awakening journey and has helped me in the ways which I cannot even express enough in words of how thankful I am to her. Her tarot capabilities are always incredibly accurate, she always gives me the insight which really helps me out, and allows me to even out all the odds. Greta is a wonderful coach and intuitive.

- Gabriela Rinkevic, Lithuania

Greta comes with holistic approach from her thoughts to her well-being. This surely reflects predominantly as very well articulated by her in all her sessions. She personifies yoga beyond the realms of its beauty & healing. God bless you Great and may the force within you be greater than your circumstances.

- Vishal Pardessi, India